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Literacy planning for Year 5 - Term 1
Why spend hours planning for your daily literacy hour?

Download and use these plans!
You can select either a Word file or a PDF file.
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Medium term plan for the first half term
Medium term plan for the second half term
Week 1: George's Marvellous Medicine etc.
Week 2: Dear Daddy etc.
Week 3: The Day Dreamer
Week 4: The Better Brown Stories
Week 5: George's Marvellous Medicine
Week 6: Historical Letters, Diaries and Journals
Week 7: Poor Tom and the Smugglers of Mourne
Week 8: The Highwayman
Week 9: Rover the Guard Dog
Week 10: The Golden Goose
Week 11: Focus on Literacy: Big Book 5A
Week 12: The Newspaper Big Book
New weekly plans will be added regularly.
In the plans the teaching objectives are referred to as T = Text, S = Sentence or W= Word.
e.g. W6 refers to Word level objective 6 in the
NLS Framework for Teaching
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