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National Literacy Strategy Publications
Grammar for Writing
This book provides whole class activities for teaching sentence level objectives for
key stage 2.
It also explains and illustrates the varied forms which shared writing can take for teaching writing.

Published by DfEE. 2000
ISBN: 0-19-312401-7
Developing Early Writing
This gives guidance for teaching writing in the Reception year and through key stage 1. The role of oral language is emphasised through the sections on Talk for Writing. Teaching units are included for teacher use.
Published by DfEE, 2001
ISBN: 019 312 400 9
Progression in Phonics
Spelling Bank
This contains lists of words and activities for teaching the spelling objectives for key stage 2

Published by DfEE. 1999
ISBN: 0-19-312240-5
Published by DfEE 1999
ISBN: 0-19-312237-5
Additional Literacy Support (ALS)
There are 4 modules for use by teaching assistants to support pupils in key stage 2 who have fallen behind in literacy.

Published by DfEE 1999
ISBN: 0-19-312222-7
ISBN: 0-19-312223-5
ISBN: 0-19-312224-3
ISBN: 0-19-312225-1
This publication contains materials for whole class teaching of phonics for reception and Year 1 pupils.
It is organised into 7 steps. ranging from discriminating sound through rhyme and alliteraction to blending and segmenting words containing vowel digraphs and trigraphs.
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