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Teaching Literacy in Year 4
The planning units below match the range for Year 4 narrative in the Literacy Framework, click on a unit to download it from our online store. For Poetry, Non fiction and Cross Curricular units, click one of the links on the left.
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Year 4 Resources:
The Rabbit, the Snakes and the River eBook, is a beautifully illustrated electronic book based on the traditional tale of the Muscogee tribe of North America, It has 3 different readability levels and also has voice over. This resource can be used for the traditional tales unit or the stories from other cultures unit.
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This recount of a class visit to a Victorian village provides a good model for pupils to analyse the features of a recount.

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or enhancing writing, 12 spidergrams of onomatopoeic words for literacy lessons or cross curricular and creative work: Animal, Bird and Human, Cooking and Eating, Explosive and Impact, Machine and Electronic, Musical, Watery, Transport/movement. Colourful A4 sheets for wall display or laminate for desktop use.

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All you need for your class to make individual pop-up Christmas cards. Contains a card pro forma; 11 outline pictures to colour in; 11 coloured illustrations and a set of instructions for pupils to follow.

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'Sort-Er is a superb resource designed to make children's planning of writing more effective and more logical. It is based on the idea of an electronic 'stick-on' notes pad where you can gather, sort and order the children's ideas before they start to write' Comments taken from an independent evaluation.

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This history homework unit contains 40 printable sheets covering the following 10 history topics: Tudors, Vikings, The Great Fire of London, Famous Victorians, Anglo Saxons, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Homes Now and Then, Toys of the past, and How Toys have changed. Each topic contains 4 sheets each with a differentiated learning objective related to an assessment focus.
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Ideal for personalised learning! This resource can be used by learners to find out about, or revise the features of instructional writing. It has sound and takes learners through the process of looking at different instructions and creating a checklist. As well as the Instructions software this resource contains 5 printable examples of instructions and a list of Instructional features with a mnemonic to help pupils remember them.

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Twelve printable spidergrams for extending pupils' vocabulary. Contains some common verbs eg. said, saw, went, got. Some common adjectives eg. good and nice.

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Settings allows you to choose different settings then apply a colour filter to change the mood. You can select characters to add to the setting making this a fantastic resource for discussing and writing about the effect of different settings on characters. You can save, reload and print.

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This unit contains 4 printable leaflets that provide a model for persuasive texts plus an example of a persuasive video, which includes texts, images and music.

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Each unit contains all you need for two week units of work: Lesson Plans Y3 to 6 and Y3&4, Y4&5 and Y5&6. Differentiated Non Chronological reports to print. Electronic books which can be edited, saved and reloaded. Independent and guided group activities and much more.

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Literacy Framework Plans
Text: Friend or Foe
By Michael Morpugo
Illustrated by Trevor Stubley. Cover illustration by Anthony Kerins
Published by Mammoth
ISBN 0 7497 0130 7

A historical story set during World War 2. David and Tucky are evacuated from London because of bombing. They are sent to live with Mr and Mrs Reynolds, on a farm in the countryside. There they encounter a moral dilemma when they discover two German soldiers who have been shot down on the moors of Devon. Their story takes place over a period of several months. Good model for writing of narrative structure and characterisation.

Text: Anne Frank
Anne Frank by David Adler
Illustrated by Karen Ritz
Published by Macmillan
ISBN 0 330 33192

A simply told recount of Anne and her family in hiding during World War 2. Set in Amsterdam and Auschwitz, from 1942 to 1944, this text highlights the historical events and provides a clear structure for children to use as a model for writing.

Text: Rose Blanche
by Ian McEwan, based on a story by Christophe Gallaz
Illustrated by Roberto Innocenti
Published by Johnathon Cape
ISBN 0 224 028413

Set in Germany, this text follows events of World War 2 from one Winter to the next Spring. The main character, Rose Blanche discovers a concentration camp near to her home. She sets about to help the victims and subsequently disappears.

Text: The Sand Horse
This simple, yet powerful text, provides excellent examples of figurative language used to describe setting. This model is an aid to children when creating detail in the writing of settings

Written by Ann Turnbull. Illustrated by Michael Foreman
ISBN 0-09-962720-5 Published by Red Fox Books
Text: Planet of the Robots
Planet of the Robots. Written by David Orme. Front Cover Illustration by Andy Parker.

Designed by Ken Vail Graphic Design Published by Longman Pelican Books Ltd
ISBN 0582 333857

A good selection of four adventures in time and space provide models for children to structure and write their own science fiction.

Text: Dr Xargles Book of Earthlets
Written by Jeanne Willis Illustrated by Tony Ross
ISBN 1 8 4270 0677 Published by Anderson Press

An example of how the author uses descriptive writing to create humour through a science fiction theme. The text provides a good model to structure writing a recount using time markers or a letter from an "earthlet" to an alien.

Text: The Yellow Star
by Carmen Agra Deedy
Illustrated by Henri Sorenson
Published by Cat's Whiskers
ISBN 1 903012 57 0

This historical tale, based on an oral story, is set in 1943, with the Nazi occupation of Denmark during World War 2. The story tells how the Danish King supported the Jewish people to protect their human rights. Links well with Citizenship Unit.

Text: Gregory Cool
The story of a young city boy on a visit to his Grandparents in Tobago provides an opportunity to focus on the differences in place, customs and relationships in other cultures. The book provides an excellent model for role-play and writing a narrative with a clear problem resolution. It is also beautifully illustrated, adding to its appeal.

Written and illustrated by Caroline Binch 
Published by Frances Lincoln Ltd

ISBN 0-7112-0890-5

Text: Grace and Family
Written by Mary Hoffman. Illustrated by Caroline Binch
ISBN 0-7112-0869-7 Published by Frances Lincoln Ltd

This is the story of Grace, who goes to visit her father and his family in The Gambia, Africa. As well as providing an insight into a different culture, the author explores relationships and a child's understanding of "the perfect family." The beautifully written text offers the opportunity for children to discuss and reflect about alternative family solutions. A sequel to Amazing Grace.
Text: The Colour of Home
Written by Mary Hoffman. Illustrated by Karin Littlewood
ISBN 0-7112-1940-0 Published by Frances Lincoln Ltd

A beautifully written and illustrated story about a young boy, who comes to school in England as a refugee from Somalia. The book offers an insight of the feelings of a child in an unfamiliar environment, speaking a language he does not understand. Within the text is a fictionalised autobiographical recount of the war from which his family fled. PSHE opportunities here for children with similar experiences to talk or write.
Text: The Balaclava Story
The Balaclava Story
From The Fib and Other Stories
Written by George Layton 
Published by Macmillan
ISBN 978-0-330-39795-72.

This bestselling collection of funny, bittersweet and sometimes disturbing stories about growing up in the 50’s recommended for discussing Issues and Dilemmas

Text: Woof
Written by Allan Ahlberg
Illustrated by Fritz Wegner
Published by Puffin
ISBN 978-0-14-031996-5

Eric is just an ordinary boy with a paper-round and a little sister ... until one night he turns into a dog! What makes an ordinary boy go 'woof'?

Text: The Witches
These plans are for a two week unit on plays are based on books by Roald Dahl. The Teaching and learning objectives focus on exploring dialogue, the use of adverbs and writing a play script.
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